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Telios Environmental Design and Development evolved out of Harold John Powell’s involvement in the 1970’s environmental design and development movement. It started in 1975 when he received a scholarship to study with R. Buckminster Fuller at the University of Pennsylvania. This led to a working relationship with Fuller and others in environmental design and prototypes through nonprofit organizations such as Dwelling Design Network, the Associated Scholars Cooperative, World Game Workshop and Earth Metabolic Design. Through the ground breaking, innovative, experimental application of general systems theory to the technologies utilized in human habitats, came the integral principles that have guided Powell ever since. In the early 1980’s a for profit company was conceived with the intent of applying the principles of sustainability and green design in the competitive free market. From the beginning we have successfully purchased property, and designed and constructed buildings, that not only incorporate these principles, but are also architectural works of art and substance.


Green Design
Designing single family homes, multi residential projects, remodeling projects,
commercial space and products using Anticipatory Design Science.

Consulting for architects, builders and homeowners on green building design,
construction, remodeling, and green retrofitting.

Full service Construction services including custom homes, remodeling,
and commercial buildings. We specialize in using green building practices
throughout the construction process.

Property Procurement
Eco-savvy realtors to help you find the right property for you green dream home.